The name of our shops means a lot to us, which is why we would like to explain them;

La  PETITE  EPICERIE  in Anstruther

PETITE comes from the Latin word "parvus"; pertaining to, or in characteristic to a place or object small in size.

EPICERIE which means Delicatessen comes originally from the French "delicatesse" meaning delicious things (to eat of course!!!).

Together, these two words embody La Petite Epicerie's philosophy: the desire to provide delicious products both local and further afield in a cosy and personal atmosphere.


CONTINENTAL can be traced back to the 18th century meaning anything in relation to the Mainland of Europe (anything would be food in our case!!!)

PANTRY comes from the Latin word "panis", meaning bread. A pantry is a cupboard or room which houses the necessities of life..

And this is exactly what The Continental Pantry's philosophy is all about: the passion and love for food from Europe by fusing everyday cooking with continental ingredients.